Legendary bird homes
Legendary cause!

Birdly is a socially-responsible startup that has the goal to support environmental activism across the world through the sale of its products. Birdly birdhouses, which will be sold internationally, will all be created from sustainable materials and are produced by environmentally-sound practices.

In addition to sustainable practices, Birdly is also a company of diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities for those with disabilities to be involved in every stage of the product development process.

Unfortunately, there is a growing number of worldwide environmental causes that need support, from deforestation to the protection of endangered species and environmental disasters. As such, once a year, every year, Birdly will donate half of its profits to a selected cause, with the remaining profits reinvested into company development so that it may grow and increase its ability to support further causes. The selected 2020 cause - deforestation.

How it all works?

Choose and order
your bird home

Our team
will build and ship it
to you

Half of our profits
donated to
selected cause

You are happy,
birds are happy,
the world is happy!

Birdly is launching July 2020!